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Welcome to Park's Tae Kwon Do Academy

Since 1999, Park's Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts has been providing men, women, and children of all ages with quality martial arts training. Learn discipline, self-defense, and how to live a healthy life with intense instruction at our martial arts school in Erie, Pennsylvania. Our school specializes in Tae Kwon Do (WTF), Hap Ki Do, and Hai Dong Kum Do. Enjoy your visit and suggestions are welcome.





14th Great Lakes Open Tae Kwon Do Championship on Oct. 10 - Coming soon

(detailed information will be posted)



Here's the video from last night's demo again, this time at a better quality! We hope you like it!

Posted by Park's Taekwondo Academy on Thursday, April 2, 2015



Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Test

Park's Tae Kwon Do Studio on peach street holds the event once a year and the students work hard to prepare.

Children as young as 8 years old tested for black belts today in front of judges who are the best of the best in the region.

Current black belts tested for higher degrees of the distinguished honor.

They ran through a series of skill tests including being blindfolded as they follow commands, as well as breaking boards.

Grand master parks is the only Korean-born Tae Kwon Do instructor in the Erie area and holds an eight degree black belt.


Experts Offer Methods to
Protect Yourself

November 6, 2014

In light of a recent abduction in Philadelphia, and assaults that have occurred locally over the last several months, experts have some tips on how to protect yourself. It can be tough to think quickly and react if an attacker comes at you.

Park's Tae Kwon Do Academy on Peach Street offers self defense classes. They say it's a good way to build strength and confidence in your ability to protect yourself. There are pressure points they say to aim for if you're grabbed. Under the nose is one place you can hit an attacker, in the area of the ribs is another. There's also the groin area, and behind the knee to take someone down.

Another way to defend yourself is by using pepper spray or a stun gun. Local sales of these items have been on the rise. Employees at Big Woodie's Fireworks on upper Peach Street say these are good tools, but have them out and ready if you're walking alone, or they won't do you much good.

Between these two methods used properly, local experts say anyone can be equipped to defend themselves in the face of danger.









Self Esteem       Self Defense          Confidence
Discipline           Weight Control

Tae Kwon Do makes you strong in body, mind, and spirit.
Be humble, gentle, and strong.

Grand Master Dong O. Park



Our mission

 The consistent practice of Tae Kwon do should yield a basically healthy and sound individual able to lead a more meaningful life, and generally live in harmony in community. Awareness of your health, and of your fellow man's comfort, health and happiness is important.

 We teach each individual, regardless of age and sex, physically and mentally to find him/herself. Our mission is, not only to get the students to the black belt level, but also to help them to be healthy, happy, and live in harmony with society. At Park's Tae Kwon Do Academy, it is simply...
"Respect Each Other. Help Each Other and Be Honest, always standing by the weak."




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